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Going Deeper Into The Quiet

Welcome to The Spiritual Spiral by me, Eddie Cohn. I'm a writer, podcaster, yoga teacher and musician and I want to use this platform to go underneath the surface and dive deeper into the quiet. About 18 months ago, I became exceedingly aware of the negative impact of tech and social media, the toxicity and noise that emanates from these platforms as well as the impact they’re having on basic human to human interactions. Less people are talking or listening. Not as many face-to-face conversations are happening,. There is less context and nuance as these platforms continue to create a dystopian world that is more disconnected than ever.

It’s more difficult to slow down, turn inward, quiet down and ultimately create, think objectively and critically for yourself without distractions. I’m trying to build and create a more thoughtful and creative world with my podcast, my yoga classes, the essays I write and the way I live my life. I get the sense we could all use a quieter and more creative and thoughtful world. With more quiet time and with less distractions, we can tap into our true nature and build from that quiet to create something that is truly our own. Whether it’s a new song, a book, a podcast or a more heartfelt conversation, the world needs to go beyond the quiet.

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